Why “Running” When You are Out Of Shape/Overweight Is A Bad Idea


I currently have a client with a significant weight loss goal who also wants to run a 10k in a few months. This morning she was complaining of joint pain in her hip ever since going for a run yesterday. As much as I’d like to spend hours writing an article about this, I can’t,…

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How To Deal With Food Cravings

avoiding temptation

As you probably know from past newsletters, there is currently a Transformation contest underway here at FR and because of the intensive nutrition plan, as expected, many participants hit that “Craving Wall” last week and asking how to cope. So, I wanted to write an article to cover a topic nearly everyone deals with when…

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Would You Hire Arnold Schwarzenegger As Your Personal Trainer?


Would you hire Arnold Schwarzenegger as your personal trainer? Watch this hilarious video where he goes undercover at golds gym to work with the public!

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Get Back To The Basics of Fat Loss


Seriously…. after the New Year hoopla on tv and the radio that has been bombarding you with ads for this pill, that cream, those diets and every other quick fix known to man that sill supposedly help you lose weight, I’m going to cut through all that B*** Sh** at get back to the basics…

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How to Set And Achieve Any Goal


Most people are not very good at goal setting. Often times, they are even worse at creating a plan to achieve those goals. Most of my Lakewood personal training clients have bitten off more than they can chew in the past setting goals they had not clue how to break into manageable chunks. This video…

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