Fit For The Holidays – 8 Week Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Program

fit through the holidays

  For The Remainder of 2014, you can get the unprecedented support and accountability for the personal training and fitness authority that is quickly becoming the most sought after program in Lakewood, CO! When you join the Fit Through The Holidays program at Fitness Revolution you’ll get:

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‘Eat This Much’ Review –

Watch the video above and then click this link for a FREE 30 day trial on Eat This Much is without a doubt one of the coolest tools I have come across in years for helping clients put together meal plans that both fit the instructions I have given them AND matching their lifestyle. In…

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How to take charge of life

Last week I was setting things up for one of my afternoon sessions and one of the newer clients walked up to me and said: “Hey bro, I know I told you that I wanted to drop a few pounds…” “But you wanna know the REAL reason I signed up with you?” Me: “Yeah tell…

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Why “Running” When You are Out Of Shape/Overweight Is A Bad Idea


I currently have a client with a significant weight loss goal who also wants to run a 10k in a few months. This morning she was complaining of joint pain in her hip ever since going for a run yesterday. As much as I’d like to spend hours writing an article about this, I can’t,…

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How To Deal With Food Cravings

avoiding temptation

As you probably know from past newsletters, there is currently a Transformation contest underway here at FR and because of the intensive nutrition plan, as expected, many participants hit that “Craving Wall” last week and asking how to cope. So, I wanted to write an article to cover a topic nearly everyone deals with when…

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